Revitalizing Providence's historical relationship with the waterfront.

proposal for Brown University Knowledge District | Providence, RI


Referencing the large scale of the industrial waterfront buildings of Providence, Hydro Courts proposes a link between the development of the future and the memory of the past. The urban proposal supports the growth of the knowledge economy within both Providence and Brown University, while reviving the city's historical relationship with the Providence River through the selective preservation of past industrial fabric and the introduction of new water courtyard typology. 

Formally derived from a typological investigation of the 'courtyard', the design proposes a phased development of three distinct courts, each with a clearly defined edge and specific programmatic organization. A series of channels brings water into the main courtyard basins that collect, treat and filter runoff water from the surrounding areas. Together, the courts act as an urban sponge in an event of flooding. The three courtyards serve not only as separate 'knowledge enclaves,' but function as a connective ensemble, forging a new relationship between the Jewelry District located on the west side of the river and Fox Point to the east. In collaboration with Amy DeDonato