Metropolis Now

Investigating contemporary notion of metropolis and its representation.

travel research funded by Yale School of Architecture | 2012-2013


What is a metropolis of today? What are its formal and spatial characteristics? How do we represent it?

Metropolis Now is project about the city. More precisely, this work investigates a discussion about how to represent the city, using drawings and images not as mere illustration, but as a specific argumentative language.

The research originated during months of travels throughout much of Asia, Europe, and South America between June 2012 and May 2013, which were supported by Gertraud A. Wood Fellowship and William Wirt Winchester Traveling Fellowship from Yale. The goal of the travels was to visit some of the most populous cities in the world to better understand contemporary urban conditions. An informal travel log can be found here.

The work was on display at the Yale School of Architecture faculty gallery in May 2013 and part of the research was presented at UniCEUB University, Brasília, Brazil and Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. 

When Le Corbusier made his journey to the East, he kept journals of highly personal impressions and sketches to record his observations. Instead, innumerable photographic observations were made during my journey, with quick notes and ideas recorded in a travel journal. One could argue that the difference between the two modes of observation arose from the rapid speed and chaotic nature of the metropolis of today. This 300-page catalog was part of a group exhibition at the Yale School of Architecture (2013).