installation | Knowlton School of Architecture


Spacetime was a large scale installation inside the Knowlton School of Architecture, in which time and movement translated into physical spatial constructs. It was the culmination of an investigation that started with a close analysis of a dancer moving through space.

By mapping several points of the dancer's body over a period of time, a two-dimensional representation of her dance was created with the use of directional vectors. A set of rules was established to control the length, color and thickness of each vector that directly related to the speed of the movement, the dancer's body parts and the time frames, respectively. A physical model was constructed to test the spatial possibilities of the initially developed drawing, in which the elevation was an index of time.

The immediate site inside the architecture school then provided the numerous connections necessary for the construction of the installation. The site influenced the form while allowing it to flow through multiple levels of the occupiable space. In collaboration with Crystal Peterson.