day 86_Sao Paulo_modernist housing

Back in Sao Paulo for a few more days.

Having grown up in one of the repetitive socialist concrete blocks in Slovakia, I would have never thought that modernist housing could be beautiful and infinitely varied. But Sao Paulo convinced me otherwise...


Edificio Louveira by João Batista Vilanova Artigas from 1940s was perhaps my favorite (images below). The facade of each of the two blocks was broken up into three sections with distinct colorful shutters. This was one of the few buildings where the original idea of a continuous ground was still preserved, unlike in most of the surrounding structures which were fenced up along the entire perimeter and 'adorned' with cameras and elaborate entry-gate systems. The apartments of Louveira were raised from the ground by slender pilotis, with the street continuing seamlessly underneath and merging with the surrounding garden.


An elaborate processional entrance in one of the apartment buildings (notice the fence at the end of it, destroying the modernist idea of ground continuity).