day 18_Tokyo_urban farm

Stumbled upon it one day, while roaming the streets of Tokyo... and after entering I was amazed how pleasant the interior environment was! The green facade was not bad either, but the pairing of a typical office building with urban farming was just so clever and simple. Why don’t we have more of this in our cities?

close-up of the 'living' facade

close-up of the 'living' facade

Pasona Group Headquarters statement: “Aiming for an amicable working environment with ‘Symbiosis with Nature’ as a concept, there are numerous mechanisms that are eco-friendly in the office. Fruits and vegetables grow in the office walls and ceilings. Also, there are more than 200 types of vegetables and fruits in the veranda of the building. It is a healing spot where you can enjoy all four seasons while living in the city.”